About Us

Happy Chuppah of Southern California uses creativity and innovation to build beautiful Chuppah’s.  We strive to bring you great customer service with the finest attention to detail from the largest event and to the most intimate gatherings of friends and family. Our talent ensures that your dreams and vision of our clients comes to life. We deliver across the entire Southern California.

Q & A

Is this for purchase or rental?

Rental Only

Where are you located?

We are in Orange County and we deliver anywhere in Southern CA. Delivery prices vary based on distance. 

What are your fees? -  Our prices are available on the pricing page. Please feel free to browse through it and we welcome you to mix and match to make Chuppah within a budget you're comfortable with. We can accommodate your vision, budget and need.   Our pricing starts with choosing the type of frame that you would like and then you can add drapes or curtains or both. You may add as little fabric or as much as you would like. Typically a simple, most common Chuppah with fabric is around $600 with delivery within 60 miles of the OC.

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